Raystech 5.1kwh RT5120 1.5C battery


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First Solid State Lithium-ion Battery ESS

This battery is compatible with all major Inverter brands and we offer a 10-year warranty.

  • Higher Safety Protection
  • Faster Dis/Charging Speed
  • High Inverter Compatibility
  • Intelligent Built-in BMS
  • 16x pcs Connections in Parallel


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In stock at warehouse (2-3 days Processing)

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Raystech 5.1kwh RT5120 1.5C battery features:

  • 6000 Cycle Life @ 25 Celcius
  • Solid-state LFP cells
  • 5.12kwh Capacity
  • 1.5C (150A) discharging current
  • 7680W Peak power rating
  • Increase 8% Energy Density
  • Higher Safety Protection
    Faster Dis/Charging Speed
  • High Inverter Compatibility
  • Intelligent Built-in BMS
  • 16x pcs Connections in Parallel
  • 10-Year Warranty

What is a solid-state battery?

A solid-state lithium battery is an advanced type of rechargeable battery that employs solid electrolytes instead of the liquid electrolytes found in traditional lithium-ion batteries. In conventional lithium-ion batteries, a liquid electrolyte facilitates the movement of lithium ions between the positive electrode (cathode) and the negative electrode (anode) during charging and discharging. Solid-state lithium batteries, on the other hand, use solid electrolyte materials, which can offer several advantages over liquid electrolytes:

  1. Safety: One of the primary advantages of solid-state lithium batteries is their improved safety. Traditional lithium-ion batteries can be susceptible to issues like thermal runaway and overheating due to the flammable nature of their liquid electrolytes. Solid-state electrolytes are non-flammable and less prone to these safety risks.
  2. Energy Density: Solid-state batteries have the potential to offer higher energy density compared to their liquid electrolyte counterparts. This means they can store more energy in the same amount of space, leading to longer battery life and potentially enabling longer ranges for electric vehicles.
  3. Performance: Solid-state batteries can potentially offer better performance in terms of charge and discharge rates. This could lead to faster charging times and better overall battery efficiency.
  4. Temperature Range: Solid-state electrolytes can operate efficiently over a wider temperature range compared to liquid electrolytes. This characteristic is beneficial for various applications, particularly those in extreme conditions.
  5. Cycle Life: Solid-state batteries could potentially have longer cycle lives, meaning they can undergo more charge and discharge cycles before significant capacity degradation occurs.

However, it’s important to note that while solid-state lithium batteries hold great promise, there are also challenges to overcome in terms of manufacturing, cost, and scaling up production.

Technical Specifications

Product Type: RT5120

Total Energy*: 5.12kWh

Battery Capacity: 50Ah+50Ah

Max. recommended DOD: 93%

Max Charge Power: 5.12kW

Max Discharge Power: 7.68kW

Voltage: 48~56Vd.c

Nominal Voltage: 51.2Vd.c

Nominal Charging Current: 80A

Nominal Discharging Current: 100A

Max Charging Current: 100A

Max Discharging Current: 150A (1.5C)

Max. Charge Voltage: 55.6Vd.c

Weight: 46kg

Dimension(mm)(L*W*H): 530*480*165mm

Operating Condition: Indoor

Operating Temperature: Charge : From 0~50 ℃: Discharge: From -10~55 ℃

Humidity: <60%(No condensed water)

Over Voltage Category: II

Cooling Type: Natural cooling

Installation: Wall mounting/Ground Installation

IP rating: IP 20

Protective Class: II

Parallel: 16 units

Communication: CAN/ RS485

Protection Mode: Dual hardware protection

Battery Protection: Over-current/Over-voltage/Short circuit/ Under-voltage/Over temperature

Safety: Cell UL 1973: CE/TUV

Hazardous Material Classification: 9

Transportation: UN 38.3

Product Warranty: 10 years warranty, 6000 cycles life



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